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Home Theatre,  Surround Sound Systems,  Smart Home Gadgets,  Lighting


Custom Home Theatre installations, Surround Sound Systems, Wireless in home sound systems, Sonos, Chromecast, whatever your vision might be we have the solutions for you.  We will provide you with a straightforward explanation of today's technologies and how they can benefit you so you'll know exactly what your getting and how to use it. We provide expert service from idea through to realization for your perfect environment.

Our experienced knowledgeable and friendly staff can find and install the perfect system for you, from simple smart TV setups to full room entertainment centres.

There are many variables when building a Home entertainment system whether it be a simple 32" Flatscreen with a soundbar or a full room system with a 70+" screen or projection screen and a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system.

The room design itself comes into play, are your walls drywall, panelling or some type of wood perhaps tongue and groove pine ? are your floors carpeted, laminate, ceramic tile or hardwood ? These building materials have different effects on how sound travels or is absorbed and is taken into account when designing your experience. Bass and Treble frequencies travel in different patterns depending on their surroundings and this can affect your overall viewing and listening experience.

Does your home have regular 8-9 Ft Flat ceilings or do you have 12-20+ Ft Vaulted or Gable Ceilings ?

There is also light to be taken into consideration, does your room have many windows and a lot of light or is it designed where it can be darkened down to accommodate a projection screen. We assess all of these variables when designing the perfect audio video experience for your home.

Computer and Network Services



River City AV and PC provides a full range of Computer and I.T. Services from pc Hardware repairs hard drive changes, video card upgrades and ram upgrades to Network services including cabling and router/Firewall setups. Wireless network installations and troubleshooting, Local and Cloud backup systems for your precious data. As well as onsite service for servers and network issues.

We can help you setup your gadgets from laptops to tablets to smart phones, social media account setup, email setup, skype and other internet chat/video services.

Our lead technician is a Cisco certified network administrator as well as holding numerous Microsoft certifications including MCP, MCSA and MCSE designations and is also an A+ Certified Hardware Technician. With over 20 years experience he has ran his own computer/network business, worked for Microsoft Canada as well as a number of other well known Fortune 500 companies. We are well equipped to handle any minor or major computer or I.T issues that you may encounter.

Feel like you've been outsmarted by your smart TV ? Can't get Google, Alexa or Siri to talk to you or give you that apple pie recipe you were looking for or last night's Hockey game score ? Can't get your new smartphone to be smart or send and receive emails or check your favourite social media sites? These things may seem trivial, but to you the consumer who paid good money for these devices they are not trivial, you pay for the Technology and you expect it to work as advertised. We see this everyday and know how to deal with the challenges of the constantly changing media environment that we now live in.

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